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WordPress software is free. Anyone can download it from and install it on any host that they want. And if you feel comfortable doing that, I encourage you to go for it!

But as with any software, as you make changes to make it look and function as you envision, there are thousands of ways things can go wrong. That’s where a professional developer is able to step in.

We will meet with you (in person, on the phone, or FaceTime) and establish a working relationship. We will take the time to understand your project. We will explain how the process will work. You will be provided with:

  • Summary of the project.
  • Timeline with what will be delivered upon final payment.
  • Budget and payment schedule (3 payments; 30% down – at signing, deployed to your own hosting after final payment).
  • Your project will be built on my development server for which you will have a link and can observe at any point the progress being made.

For small businesses, improper management of your website can inadvertently your online presence. Reach out via phone call, text message, email, or simply fill out the form, and let’s talk!


Custom 6 WordPress Page Website


A professional custom WordPress dynamic website is appropriate for bloggers or a business that needs to modify content from time to time.

What is included?

  • With a design tailored to your brand, our custom-designed website offers up to six suggested pages:
    • HOME
    • ABOUT US
    • BLOG
    or NEWS

    (We can install the free version of The Events Calendar with default configuration in lieu of two of these pages upon request.)
  • Mobile responsive design
  • SEO search engine friendly design
  • Social media links integrated
  • Backup and security software installed
  • Initial content for each page (or your content if provided)
  • Stock images (or yours if provided)
  • Initial training documentation for your or your staff to add pages, posts, menu items

What is NOT included?

  • Hosting. We recommend that users separately maintain their own hosting. This is for your own protection. If you need assistance, we would be happy to guide you!*
  • Domain Registration. We recommend Namecheap, but there are a number of good domain name registrars.
  • Ongoing maintenance or updates of any kind. We do offer packages to subsequently manage your website, or my hourly rate.
  • Logo. I can design a logo at my hourly rate or you can utilize many online logo makers.
  • Photoshop. Custom Photoshop work will be billed at the hourly rate and will be agreed in advance.
  • Professional photography.
  • Special functionality. Anything that requires custom coding (additional calendar features, for example) will be billed at the hourly rate and will be agreed in advance.

*Hosting note: I do not recommend GoDaddy hosting, or any of the Newfold Digital (formerly Endurance International Group “EIG”) hosting companies such as Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, iPower. There’s a significant reason behind their low prices. Rather than investing in support and infrastructure, they invest in marketing (Super Bowl commercials?). They often employ bait-and-switch tactics by throttling website speeds to push customers towards higher-priced plans. Their “low prices” typically only apply for the first year, after which they lock you in with higher renewal rates. They often charge for essential items, such as SSL certificates, that should be included without extra cost. You assume the risk for your choice in hosting company.

For WordPress hosting, I recommend Cloudways Digital Ocean flexible cloud hosting. If you are just starting out start with their lowest priced and as your website expands, you can expand your plan.

If you are doing home renovations there are cheap options, there are deluxe options, and options in between. Web hosting is no different. Choose wisely.

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This Website is built on WordPress

Custom HTML5 Static 5 Page Website


A professional custom HTML5 static website is appropriate for a website that will not require frequent edits or additional functionality. Not everyone needs a full WordPress website.

If you don’t need to make changes to your website, you can save a lot of money using a static website. I can explain how!

To see an example for yourself, visit our Custom HTML5 Static 5-Page Website

What is included?

  • With a design tailored to your brand, our custom HTML5 static website offers up to five pages:
    • HOME
  • Mobile responsive design
  • SEO search engine friendly
  • Social media links integrated
  • Initial content for each page (or your content if provided)
  • Stock images (or yours if provided)

What is NOT included?

All of the same items listed as not included with a WordPress website.

Hosting note: for static hosting, Cloudflare is a free option.

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Visit the Sample HTML5 Static Website
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